Social Media

Social media websites have become powerful platforms for businesses and individuals to reach out to their target audience. With the help of these websites, you can easily spend hours browsing through images, reels, and other content on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Not only that, but you can also promote your business or projects with ease using these websites. For those who want to make a mark in the digital world, social media is an invaluable tool.

Scammers have become increasingly sophisticated in the way they operate, often using fake accounts to hide behind and carry out their schemes.

Unfortunately, some scam techniques remain timeless and are still commonly used today. From phishing attempts to fake offers and free gifts, scammers are constantly adapting and evolving their tactics in order to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

I have been contacted via DM’s on Instagram, where i have the most followers, by people that primarily want to purchase my art as NFT’s.

Hell yeah! Let’s do it. That was my first reaction. Then offered me up to 15.000 USD for each of my artwork. Couple of minutes later, after I cooled down for a bit, I started to ask myself why would somebody would like to offer me that kind of money for something I sell way down the half of price. So, I started conversation with that person.

Of course I started to do some research about the website he was trying to make me “upload” my artworks as NFT’s.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 150825-page-source
Screenshot of the website source code. The site has been copied from a real NFT Marketplace.

I use a free online service, to check information about sites and to see how old are they. I’m not affiliate with them, and I am not paid by them to write this blog post.

For a website that want to trade NFT’s, a couple of days old domain is not to be trusted. Also, the trust score of this website is LOW. So .. i concluded that this site is a scam and I will not fall for it.

Now, the scam is simple:

  1. They make you upload your images on the scam site.
  2. You will have to “mint” the NFT’s of Ethereum Blockchain with a cost of around 300 USD per NFT.
  3. The payment must be done on USD, not on ETH. The payment you have to send to an account of the website owner. He is the one that will exchange your USD to ETH to allow you to mint the NFT on his platform.
  4. You say good bye to your money and you’ll never hear about the scammer.

As you can see, the scam is quite simple. And I believe that there are people somewhere on this big planet that lost quite allot of money with this kind of scam.

So .. my advice, check the website on a free service like . Open that website on your computer, not only on your smartphone, and check the page source code. You might be surprised of the findings.

How a real NFT Market work? First of all, you will not log in with email / password combination. No, you will use something like metamask (a plugin for Edge, Chrome and Fierfox) to join / sign in on the platform with your own unique crypto address. Second of all, every single NFT you own on that address and blockchain you use to log in into that marketplace will appear to you on that platform. NFT’s are on blockchains, not on a single site. If you do not see a WEB3 login on a NFT marketplace, then it is probably a scam site.